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European Fatwa Council For Halal Transactions

دار الافتاء الأوروبي لمعاملات الحلال

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Dr. Abdel Rahman Mihalffy
Dr. Abdel Rahman MIHALFFY

Islamic scholar. Translated Holy Quran twice (1994, 2017). Stayed 30 years in Middle East and African countries practicing Dawa. Founder of Hungarian Islamic Community (1988) and European Fatwa Council for Halal Transaction (2014).

Abdalla Sharief
Dipl. Ing. Abdalla SHARIEF

Works in public relations. Co-founder of European Fatwa Council for Halal Translation. Expert of environment protection and Halal. Plays key role in the life of Sudanese and African communities in Europe. Expert of Islam.

Attila Mihalffy
Attila (Atalla) MIHALFFY
Contact Manager

Belongs to the next generation of European Fatwa Council. Staying in Great Britain. Learns Islam in his father’s Sheikh Mihalffy’s school. His field of interest is economy.

Miklos Vaczi
Miklos VACZI
Contact Manager

Stays in Austria. Law student, works on comparison between secular and Islamic law. Represents European Fatwa Council for Halal Transactions in Austria and Germany.

Antal Molnar
IT counsellor

IT counsellor of European Fatwa Council for Halal Transactions. Worked in several multinational companies as IT expert. This homepage is one of his numerous references