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European Fatwa Council For Halal Transactions

دار الافتاء الأوروبي لمعاملات الحلال



Dr. Abdel Rahman Mihalffy
Dr. Abdel Rahman MIHALFFY

Islamic scholar. Translated the Quran twice (1994, 2017).  Writer of Contemporary Encyclopedia of Islam (2020). Stayed 30 years in the Middle East and African countries practising Dawa. Founder of the Hungarian Islamic Community (1988) and European Fatwa Council for Halal Transaction (Eufatwa) in 2014.

Attila (Atalla) MIHALFFY
General Deputy of the President

General Deputy of the President. Field of expertise: business and economics. Looks after the network and policy development of Eufatwa. Represent the organisation in the United Kingdom from his headquarter in Manchester.

Miklos VACZI
Legal Counsel and Representative

Comperative studies between secular and sharia law. Islamic banking and trade regulations. Representing Eufatwa in the German speaking countries. Headquarter is in Austria.



Bettina PAL
General Secretary

Located in Oslo, Norway, she takes care of public relations, links with authorities, universities, research centres and non-profit organisations. Furthermore, she represents Eufatwa in Scandinavia.