Honorary Halal Certificates

The European Fatwa Council for Halal Transactions issues in every half year and award for those people whose life and activity are exemplary for all mankind.

His Excellency Eytan Bentsur

Eytan Bentsur

H. E. Eytan Bentsur was born in 1938, Israel. Among the numerous responsible occupations, he was the Deputy Head of Israel Delegation to the negotiations with the Palestinians in the 90’s of last century and later he was Director General in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The life of H. E. Eytan Bentsur is merged with the history of modern Israel. As journalist, writer and politician or thinker he has been always known by his tolerance towards other cultures and comprehensions.

His Excellency Dr. Miklós Beer bishop, diocese of Vác

His Excellency Dr. Miklós Beer bishop, diocese of VácSince 1943 when Bishop Peer was born till today history was a winding path. It is difficult to remain straight on this path. His Excellency has represented the spirit of Gospel in regards of helping poor or supporting those who are in need. Conscience in His case has prevailed over expectations.

The European Fatwa Council for Halal Transactions hereby certifies that the exemplary life of His Excellency Dr. Miklos Beer Bishop and his religious and social mission is worth to be respected and acknowledged by anyone who follows Islam and the Universal Human Values.


Vác, 6th December, 2018.

L. Ritók Nóra

L. Ritók NóraNorth Alföld area is considered as one of the ten poorest regions of Europe. L. Ritók Nóra works nearly in the last twenty years in this region in order to eliminate poverty and for social integration and for equal opportunities. As founder and manager of Real Pearl Foundation Madam L. Ritók Nóra witnessed high quality of human values. Her devoted efforts represent example for her community and for the whole humanity as well.

Her website: Real Pearl Foundation

Dr. Papp Lehel György, PhD

Dr. Papp Lehel György, PhDDr. Papp lived a life of struggle and has saved people suffering of Atherosclerosis no matter in what circumstances he had to work. His efforts were not recognized by ruling authorities but he continued his work just for saving lives. His results proved his pure intentions.

His project: Introduction of the CITONORM+ cure

Zámbó Kornél

Zámbó KornélHungarian painter. His works represent part of the universal art. No matter what political regime was in power Mr. Zambo demonstrated only ONE TRUTH! The European Fatwa Council for Halal Transaction has the pleasure to put his name on the list of people who are rare examples for humanity in regard of steadfast and straightness.

His website: www.zambokornel.hu