European Fatwa Council for Halal Transaction

Islamic Library


1.  Our objective is to ensure access to a sort of Quran interpretation which permanently will be renewed. Sciences provide for people information faster and faster and religious society doesn’t respond for that in the same rhythm. However Quran makes its system available, which represent a key for comprehension the reality where science is one of the means. The other mean is the human mind if it was able to get rid of its own paralyzing or artificially coded patterns.

2.  We’d like to welcome any constructing thought, scientific achievement reaching us what can update our interpretations and comments in order to justify the eternity of the Quran. Doctrines (Aqidah) never change and their everlasting truth have been proved by history.


3.  However Islamic law (Shariya) differs according to place and age following local circumstances and Quran provides solid frames for adaptability. The basic condition of adaptability is the existence of actual source of law which means the tafsir (interpretation) of Quran based on the collective knowledge of the actual age.  In order to interpret Quran from legal point of view it was necessary to work out the source of law of the 21th century. This interpretation came to end after 30 years of work and we have the honor to open access to it in this site. The interpretation of Yusuf Ali served as base where thoughts of hundreds of other thinkers, scholars and scientists were integrated as well. The contemporary source of law opens channel in front of the harmonization between the Islamic understanding of law and the legal interpretation of secular law.  Our objective is to put under the same umbrella the evaluations of legal terms, acts and deeds of the Islamic and secular law according to the different legal branches. The societies of the global world can coexist normally only if the evaluations of our deeds and transactions are similar.


Legislation represents the internal affair of each nation therefore this site has nothing to do with it. Our deal is limited only to the jurisdiction where we try to put the legal understanding of the two world closer and to make the harmonization of the application of the Islamic and secular law possible.